One (5/30)

because truth

has a different  

concept of time

let us pause and rewind

December 2015

December 2015

to a uterus that was lined

with me and my Day One.

Keep in mind  

the twin-shaped design:

My Ride or Die

My Day (Minus) One--

it's how we as twins are

divinely defined.  

I heard her heartbeat

before I heard my own

shared the same blood  

as we each entered the world alone.

when a cell level one becomes a twinning two 

the satient cells in your twin body know what to do. 

truth is, there is none

among those who walk, swim or run

that can fully appreciate  

the bond, the break,

the w(h)ole, the ache

with twins--when

they are formed.

though folks stay talkin' 'bout their Day Ones,

twins were Day Ones before our lives had begun.




December circa 2010

December circa 2010